CDC: COVID-19 Continues to Thrive in the United States.

CDC: COVID-19 Continues to Thrive in the United States.

The COVID 19 virus continues to pose a serious health threat to the United States, with the number of people displaying symptoms and hospitalizations at high levels across the country. There have been over 27 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States as of December 2022, with more than 440,000 people having died.

There are concerns that the virus could continue to spread more rapidly if new variants of the virus are discovered. CDC is still trying to determine the identity of several new variants of the virus, which were first discovered in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil. These viruses can cause more people to become sick more quickly, with more deaths and cases expected to rise.

Despite continuing to spread the virus, vaccines have begun to provide hope that the virus will be contained. Over 100 million vaccines have been given out in the United States, and over 80 million people have received at least one vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer have shown that their vaccines are highly successful in clinical trials, with efficacy rates of more than 90%.

There have been several challenges related to the rollout of these vaccines. There are still many unvaccinated people in the United States. There are still a number of people who have not been vaccinated because of delays in getting the vaccines, and some people are also not receiving the vaccines because of their beliefs. People are reserving vaccines if they are hesitant or uncertain about the efficacy of vaccines.

CDC remains concerned that people should continue to take protective measures to prevent contracting the virus. This includes staying indoors and not going to public places. People should avoid sharing masks and other protective measures, and stay away from large gatherings of people. It is important that people continue to be vigilant for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and seek medical care if they develop any symptoms.

There are still many people who are seriously ill from COVID-19, but there are some signs that the disease could be cured. Having vaccines available is a major development, and efforts to fully vaccify the population are critical in bringing about a response to the pandemic. It is extremely crucial that people continue to follow the advice of public health officials and take steps to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19.